We heliskied 25 out of 31 days in August….

    It would be fair to say August made up for July’s slow start. With regular snowfalls mixed with endless days of sunny weather we were able to fly 25 days out of 31! That’s 80% fly days which was above our normal average of 65%. Most of the storms were hitting our North and … Continued

The dangers of powder addiction…

I remember my first taste……I was in Canada and my flatmates told me to get out of bed, it was a “powder day”.   When we got to the snow I strapped my board on and entered a realm I had never knew existed…. an powder addiction was created that day. It was like riding a … Continued

First time heliskiers – read this!

For first time heliskiers or heliboarders, the thought can be both exciting and a little daunting. The most common question we get asked in the office is “Am I good enough?” and the answer for the majority of people is “Yes”, as you only need to be of an intermediate level skier or boarder. We sent … Continued

July 2016 – The Snow arrived!!

“Patience is a virtue”, and that would undoubtedly be the saying that summarises July so far. Warm temperatures pushed the snow off to Australia and stalled the heliski season for Southern Lakes Heliski until mid July.  Although we could have flown out into those beautiful mountains sooner, we felt that the snow base was a little … Continued

Welcome to Heliskiing 2016

As we approach the start of the heli ski season it is always the same old story, skiers and snowboarders discussing the up and coming winter and what it will bring? Is this an El Nino year or an El Nina? Will the ski fields get enough pre season snow to open? What website has the … Continued