Why do fewer women heliski, compared to men?

Something that is always intriguing is, why are there fewer women heliskiing compared to men? My general observation of women who visit our Southern Lakes Heliski office, is that many of them feel too intimidated by the idea of heli-skiing, and there seems to be a common expectation of “being able to keep up”? Being … Continued

New Heli Ski Product – The Gourmet Charter!

We would like to introduce this exciting new product which is completely exclusive to Southern Lakes Heliski. The Gourmet Charter combines heliskiing with a tantalising culinary experience that is perfect for small groups of four.  This 2.0hr private charter allows you to ski or snowboard our finest terrain, followed by a decadent late lunch prepared in … Continued

Summers here, but Winter never ends…(for some)

Although it may be summer in New Zealand, for us winter never really ends. When one season finishes our minds move on to the next one, with each year slightly tweaked so it’s even better than the last. For the majority of our guides winter doesn’t finish at all. You may wonder what they get … Continued

We heliskied 25 out of 31 days in August….

    It would be fair to say August made up for July’s slow start. With regular snowfalls mixed with endless days of sunny weather we were able to fly 25 days out of 31! That’s 80% fly days which was above our normal average of 65%. Most of the storms were hitting our North and … Continued

The dangers of powder addiction…

I remember my first taste……I was in Canada and my flatmates told me to get out of bed, it was a “powder day”.   When we got to the snow I strapped my board on and entered a realm I had never knew existed…. an powder addiction was created that day. It was like riding a … Continued