August 2018 Heliski Highlights

Heliski lines from a peak to the valley in New Zealand
No crowds out here and the lines you see are all ours….

It’s been an exciting few weeks over August with plenty of bluebird powder days giving us optimal conditions to enjoy some awesome heliskiing.

The 16th of August was our busiest day of the season so far with 10 helicopters and 25 guides out amongst our heliski terrain. Luckily our team is like a well-oiled machine and smoothly executed an amazing day for all of our awesome guests. We explored our extensive Wanaka terrain as that is where the majority of the snow had fallen after the previous storm and flew into the McKerrow Range, Minarets, Black Peak and Towers Ridge in the Central Harris Mountains.

heliboarder does a powder turn in snow while heli boarding with Southern Lakes Heliski on a private charter in NZ
Powder day after powder day…..

August is traditionally our busiest time and a time where we get plenty of snow falling on a regular basis. If you are thinking of heli-skiing make sure you book early to save a spot.

Carlos Garcia Knight heliboarding with Southern Lakes Heliski standing on top of the mountains around Wanaka
Olympian Carlos Garcia Knight standing on top of the world! Photo: Marcus Skin

A couple of the highlights this month we’re having the privilege of heli-boarding with New Zealand Winter Olympian and Burton rider, Carlos Garcia Knight. He timed it perfectly getting one of those powder days where lots of dry powder was ripe for the shred.  For the crew lucky enough to guide this true professional they commented that “watching his effortless smooth style was like watching him dance with nature. Carlos reckoned it was some of the “best snow he has had in NZ”. Check out his powder footage on the Burton facebook page.

Liz Carlson (Young Adventuress)waiting for the Alpine Helicopter to land with her girlfriends
Liz Carlson (Young Adventuress) “Ive never felt so alive”

Liz Carlson (Young Adventuress) came out on a girls trip where she proved to herself that she was good enough to heliski.  Being an intermediate snowboarder with only 4 years’ experience she was a little apprehensive on what to expect, but with the reassurance of her female guide Lydia Bradey (first lady to climb Everest without oxygen) and an amazing supportive crew of girlfriends her fears flew out the window and she had one of the best days of her life! Keep an eye out for her girls heliski adventure on her Instagram, Facebook and Blog.

And how did Liz feel about her day?

youngadventuress “It’s hard for me to articulate but there is something powerful about having adventures with just women. I’ve found the dynamic totally changes when it’s just ladies, my innate self-consciousness is stripped away, and I feel myself slipping subconsciously into a more relaxed state of mind. To fulfill my dream of heli skiing in Wanaka where I live, with some of my closest girlfriends and to be guided by one of the most badass women I’ve ever met, was a day I’ll never forget. To be in such an environment, tackling an adventure that seems to be dominated by dudes and pros with just us girls, was a boost to my confidence I didn’t know I needed. Any experience that makes you feel this good and strong is worth it, I’d say. Now, when can we go again?”

Liz Carlson heliboarding an intermediate slope with Southern Lakes Heliski in NZ
Liz Carlson (Young Adventuress) enjoying classic intermediate terrain on her first day ever heliskiing!

There is plenty more heliski days ahead of us and 2018 has been one of the best seasons in decades so if you are feeling like you want to tick that bucket list then give us a call. We have packages to suit anyone from intermediate level and up including Daily Heliskiing, Private Charters and Multi-day Luxury packages.