The dangers of powder addiction…

Chris Rodgers in the powder room, heliboarding with Southern Lakes heliski at Minaret Station
Happy in a powder ball. Heliboarding with Southern Lakes Heliski

I remember my first taste……I was in Canada and my flatmates told me to get out of bed, it was a “powder day”.   When we got to the snow I strapped my board on and entered a realm I had never knew existed…. an powder addiction was created that day.

It was like riding a magical cloud, powder rooster tails nearly choked my open shocked mouth as the guys in front of me whooped and hollered, and light dry snow was thrown in all directions. Nothing could describe this feeling of freedom, my board carving a pattern into this untouched snow. These moments created a desire so deep that it left me always wanting more….

Chris Rodgers leaving a powder trail behind him while heli boarding with Southern Lakes Heliski

The craving was so powerful I did anything to get it, including pushing in at the local ski field on a pow day to be first to the chutes, scouring the resorts for ‘freshies’ to find the tiniest bit of untracked powder and sneaking away from work to hike for hours and fulfil my powder fix. This addiction was serious and I couldn’t control it.

What was a girl to do? Well there was a cure and that was to get a job with Southern Lakes Heliski. Every run was a powder run, and it was easy. A helicopter took me to a new pristine peak every time and everywhere I looked there was endless mountains of powder. I was so happy, instead of curing the powder addiction I was now immersed.

If you also have a problem and need a hit, don’t feel like you are alone, there is someone ready to listen and someone just like you who feels what you are going through. Just call 0800 SKI POW. We have trained professionals standing by who are ready to take you to heliski powder heaven.

Photos: Miles Holden

Janina Kuzma and Chris Rodgers high giving after an epic day of Heliskiing in the mountains above Wanaka, New Zealand
More terrain, More vert, More to remember…